CLUB Repeater

The Amateur Radio Interest Dichotomy is running a VHF repeater that is currently servicing the local Sandhill Community. It can be reached off of majority of Hickory Level Road in Carrollton, GA. This repeater is coordinated with SERA and is in the works to be connected as a DSTAR internet-enabled repeater. This repeater is a Mixed-Mode repeater capable of FM voice (wideband) and DSTAR voice.

Input: 144.580 Mhz
Output: 145.180 Mhz
PL: 77hz Input / 77hz Output

Crossband Repeater

The club runs a crossband repeater only for club nets and special events. This is a mobile temporary uncoordinated repeater, and will be monitored at all times while in operation. As this is an uncoordinated repeater, all other radio traffic will have priority over this repeater. Again, this repeater is not operational 24/7, and will only be in operation during club nets and special events.

Input: 144.650 Mhz
Output: 444.650 Mhz
PL: 171.3 hz

This crossband repeater is run from an ICOM ID-5100a, and will be replaced with a proper repeater rig once that project has completed. For more information, check out the Main Repeater section under Projects.