Welcome to ARID


The Amateur Radio Interest Dichotomy (otherwise known as ARID) is an amateur radio club based in Sandhill, Georgia, growing as a nationwide club. We are dedicated to experimenting in new radio technologies, while embracing reliable older methods as well. We aim to intrigue the minds of prospective hams and enhance the ham journey for elmers & well-versed hams.

Our club is looking for new members from anywhere, no matter where, and we have no dues, ever. All we ask is for you to join us and see what we're all about.


Our club's aspirationS


We, as a club, want to bring new interest to Ham Radio by recruiting new members, welcoming them to participate as much or as little as wanted, and to make a welcoming, educational, and fun environment for our new members and for those who are interested in Ham Radio operations.


We want to welcome anyone who has interest in Amateur Radio operations to have opportunities to grow their knowledge and understanding of amateur radio, and bring new opportunities for those who are invested in creating new ways to communicate. We plan to host prizes for innovation, and offer easy ways to become licensed, and upgrade licenses.


We want to encourage new modes and fields of communication, have field trips, explore usage of many different modes of amateur radio communication, and overall bring a lot more knowledge of the ever-growing complexity of amateur radio than just what meets the eye. We plan on hosting radio communication nets or projects to see just how far we, as a club, can reach in the world.

TOTAL MEMBERS: 19 | Total States: 4


"This club is made to have the interest of the greater community in mind, and to expand our group to new and experienced ham operators alike, in the hopes to create a welcoming environment for our members."

-David R. Ross, President of ARID, 2021